Austrian Literature in the Digital World

Auch dieses Jahr durfte ich wieder die Östrreichischen Beiträge für den Versopolis-Blog zusammenstellen. Das dazugehörige Festival "Literatur & Wein" musste wegen der Corona Maßnahmen leider abgesagt werden – umso digitaler wurde es in der heimischen Literaturszene.

Ich danke den Autor*innen Katherina Braschel, Martin Peichl, Lisa Schantl, Angelika Stallhofer und Günter Vallster fürs Mitmachen und Julia Schwarzginger vom ULNÖ für die Hilfe beim Korrekturlesen. der englischen Texte / Übersetzungen.

Meine editor´s column befasste sich diesmal mit der Frage, ob wir Schriftsteller*innen irgendwann von intelligenten Romanmaschinen abgelöst werden – und wie sich die Spreu vom Weizen trennen lässt.

Siri, write me a novel!

Imagine you are a writer and somebody asks you for an interview — but you have absolutely no idea what to answer.

For his book Bot: Gespräch ohne Autor* (Bot: conversation without writer), Clemens Setz, one of the most outstanding Austrian writers of the present, offered his computer-stored journals to create answers. In the meantime, he sat back in a cosy chair and read poems on Twitter. Or maybe he worked on one of his short stories. At least that is what we are ought to think. Whether the surreal answers really were made up by an algorithmic system or by the writer himself will remain a mystery. What we know for sure: artificial intelligence exists. Not only do we talk to cyborgs on the phone more and more often (sometimes without even noticing it), we also ask our “personal assistant” to tell us the current parking situation, the weather forecast or our upcoming appointments. And Siri (or whatever our nice assistant is called) feeds us with information. We do not even have to ask her (or him or it), we just have to command. Siri does not understand the complicated conditional constructions, that have always been typical for us Austrians. (Could you please be so kind and check, if… Ex-cuse-me-I-can-not-un-der-stand… O, come on, SIRI, SHUT UP!)

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